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Newark Man Arrested For Attempted Burglary at Home in Essex County 

Essex County

By: Richard L. Smith 

Swift action by law enforcement officers led to the arrest of a suspect in an attempted burglary incident at Brookdale Gardens, located at 935 Broad Street.

Bloomfield Police said the incident unfolded when a vigilant resident reported suspicious activity, ultimately thwarting the intruder's efforts.

The incident took place when a resident of Brookdale Gardens heard a loud noise coming from her apartment and promptly realized that a man was attempting to gain entry by forcibly pushing into her air conditioner unit.

According to Bloomfield Police officials, upon discovering that the apartment was occupied, the suspect, identified as 63-year-old Mr. Scott Hatchett of Newark, swiftly changed his focus and attempted to gain entry into another nearby apartment.

AHAOfficers from the Bloomfield Police Department received the call and swiftly responded to the scene.

Their timely arrival allowed them to apprehend Mr. Hatchett, bringing his attempted burglary spree to a halt.

Mr. Hatchett was taken into custody and transported to the Bloomfield Police Headquarters, where he was processed in accordance with the law.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of community vigilance and the swift response of local law enforcement.

Residents are encouraged to remain observant and report any suspicious activity promptly.