Newark Issuing Summonses for Vehicles Left Idling

Newark Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose advises the public that vehicles left idling for more than three minutes are subject to summonses.

“So far this year, 235 vehicles have been stolen in Newark because drivers left their vehicles running and unattended. That means 46 percent of all stolen vehicles were left with keys in the ignition,” Director Ambrose said. “Despite our repeated efforts to advise motorists of the risks, this dangerous practice continues. Police will issue summonses for idling when they see vehicles left running and unattended.”

As the colder weather returns, people may be more tempted to leave their vehicle running to warm it up or to keep it warm while running into a store for a quick purchase. This leaves drivers vulnerable to car theft.

Police will issue summonses to drivers who violate New Jersey State Motor Vehicle Law 39:3-70.2, which indicates that all motor vehicles on public or private property cannot idle longer than three minutes or they will be in violation of this statute.

“As always, our goal is to keep people and their property safe,” Director Ambrose said. “A lot can go wrong with a stolen vehicle and we want to help safeguard the public against these incidents.”