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Newark High School Basketball Coach Assaulted by his Players; Investigation

By rlsmetro on

A violent group assault caught on videotape of a Newark High School coach being beaten by several males is under investigation by Newark Police and school officials.

According to a preliminary investigation, the attack occurred on Tuesday night after a basketball game where several of the coach’s players began to punch, kick and stomp him to the ground according to a video of the incident.

RLS Media obtained the video from parents who say their children attend the school and are disturbed by the apparent trend of group assaults happening in and around Shabazz High School within the last month.

The junior varsity coach did not appear to have suffered severe injuries as the video showed him getting up and walking away from the assault that lasted approximately 25 seconds.

Officials in Livingston said the Shabazz High School team were engaged in some physical confrontation among themselves during their contest at the west Essex County school. The team made it back to Shabazz and the attack happened outside the building.

Parents at the Newark school speaking on anonymity but supplied multiple videos said students have been beaten in multiple violent group attacks at the school.

Requests for public information from district officials have not been answered at this time.

The motive for the Junior Varsity coach’s attack is under investigation and no arrests have been reported.