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Newark Firefighter Receives Valor Award for Elevator Rescue

By kcora on

The Two Hundred Club of Essex County is pleased to congratulate Newark Firefighter Jacob Ramos presented with Valor Award for his unique efforts in an unusual elevator rescue.

According to officials, on the morning of July 16, 2017, at approximately 2:15 p.m., Ladder #11 along with Rescue #1, were dispatched to an elevator emergency at 50 Halsey Street.

Upon arrival, crews learned eight residents were trapped inside a stalled elevator, located in a blind shaft between the ground and 4th floor. Officials said in addition one of the individuals in the elevator was experiencing a severe anxiety attack causing the resident to have difficulty breathing.  Attempts to use conventional elevator rescue techniques were unsuccessful.

As a result of the medical emergency, an EMS Rescue Paramedic along with Newark Fire Department Firefighter Jacob Ramos, using life ropes, descended into the shaft. Officials said once access was made to the occupants via the hatchway on the roof of the passenger car, Ramos and the EMT were able to calm the extremely panic stricken occupants and bottled water was provided to them as crews gained entrance to the car to start the evacuation process.

According to authorities, members of Rescue #1 and Ladder #11 subsequently setup a haul system and belay line and sending a 28’ ladder down to the elevator.  Once inside the car, Ramos assisted the occupants up and out the roof and helped each one up the ladder to the 3rd floor where they were assisted by other firefighters.

Officials said this rescue was tedious and time consuming due to 6 of the 8 victims being obese and having difficulty getting out of the elevator roof opening and then climbing up a ladder approximately 25 feet.

Even though this operation took over 3 ½ hours, it was performed flawlessly.  While all fire personnel and the EMT are to be complemented, The Two Hundred Club of Essex County feels that Ramos deserves individual recognition for his unique efforts in this unusual rescue.

Photo caption: (left to right) Newark Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose, Newark Fire Chief Rufus Jackson, Firefighter Jacob Ramos, 200 Club Executive Committee Ira Cohen