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Newark, East Orange Men Arrested for Stolen Car Pursuit in Bergen County


By: Richard L. Smith 

Police officials in Paramus reported the arrest of Mr. Tahir Littles, 19,  of Newark, Mr. Akim Goodson, 21, Mr.  Michael Jones, 20, and Mr. Xavier Granger, 19, all of Newark and Mr. Adrienne Hall, 52,  of East Orange for a stolen vehicle pursuit on January 21st. 

Police said at 3:16 a.m., Paramus Police Officers received a report of an attempted motor vehicle theft that occurred in Ridgewood, with a suspect vehicle involved in the theft being reported as a silver Dodge Challenger.

According to officials, Paramus Police Officer Slavko Bajovic observed a vehicle matching the description traveling Route 17 south and conducted a computer check on the vehicle's registration which confirmed the car was stolen out of Old Bridge. 

Officials said Officer Bajovic attempted to conduct a motor vehicle stop on the vehicle above.

The vehicle refused to stop and continued to travel from Route 17 south to Route 4 east.

Paramus Police Officer Michael Cleary joined Officer Bajovic as the pursuit continued to Sheffield Ave in Englewood, where the pursuit was terminated.

Police said the vehicle continued on Sheffield Avenue, where the driver lost control of the car and struck a residential apartment complex.

The occupants were subsequently taken into custody at the scene and transported to the Paramus Police Department for processing.

According to police, one of the suspects, later identified as Xavier Granger, provided officers with the name and other information that identified him as a juvenile.

An adult relative Adrienne Hall was contacted and responded to Paramus Police Headquarters to take custody of what was initially believed to be a juvenile and confirmed the information provided, which identified the subject as a juvenile to be true and accurate.

Police said after all subjects were released, it was discovered that the suspect provided false information and was an adult.

The suspects were charged with the following:


Xavier Granger - Unlawful Taking Of Means Of Conveyance 2C: 20-10

Hindering Apprehension Or Prosecution 2C: 29-3

Akim Goodson - Unlawful Taking Of Means Of Conveyance 2C: 20-10

Tahir Littles – Possession of Stolen Property 2C: 20-7

Eluding Police With Motor Vehicle 2C: 29-2b

Michael Jones - Unlawful Taking Of Means Of Conveyance 2C: 20-10

Unlawful Possession Of Weapons (Knife)


Adrienne Hall - Hindering Apprehension Or Prosecution 2C: 29-3