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Newark Couple Drives Up to Maplewood Elementary School in Stolen Car, Threatens to Beat Principal Police say


According to Maplewood Police Chief Jimmy DeVaul, at approximately 8:51 a.m. Suspects Ms. Stephanie Robinson, 27, and Mr. Amir White, 39, both of Newark, arrived at Clinton Elementary School in a red Toyota Rav 4 vehicle. 

Chief DeVaul said both subjects exited the vehicle, at which time the Robinson confronted school staff and principal Ms. Jennifer Connors then began making threats while stating she has a gun permit. 

Chief DeVaul confirmed that at no time was anyone physically assaulted.

The staff of Clinton School called for a shelter in place and had all staff members remain in the building. Robinson previously worked in the school’s Cafeteria as a lunch aid.

“At no time did Robinson or White entered the school”, Chief DeVaul said. 

Robinson then returned to the vehicle and White began to walk away.

Chief DeVaul said Robinson then drove out of the parking lot of Clinton School and attempted to have White get back into the vehicle while walking.

At that time, officers observed the vehicle involved in the incident while writing down the license plate number.

“Patrols were able to conduct a motor vehicle stop on that vehicle, without pursuit or any further incident. The car was confirmed stolen out of Newark,” Chief DeVaul said.

After further investigation, both Robinson and White were placed under arrest and charged with the following: 

Ms. Stephanie Robinson:  Receiving Stolen Property, Trespassing, Resisting Arrest, and Terroristic Threats

Mr. Amir White:  Receiving Stolen Property, Trespassing, and Obstruction

The incident is believed to be connected to Robinson’s employment or unemployment. The pair do not have children in the school according to sources.