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Newark Central Ward 'Speakeasy' Wreaking Havoc on Community with Gunfire, Fights, Trash

By rlsmetro on

Residents within a two-block radius of an alleged violent, illegal alcohol/party house in a section of Newark's Central Ward said they have seen and heard enough after gunfire erupted in their community early Friday morning. 

According to residents in the 100 block of Holland Street, they are begging city officials for assistance in breaking up an alleged after-hours establishment they said has been operational in the 60's block of Holland for over a year with little to no police oversite to stop the issue. 

"We do not understand how residents on that block haven't been affected and why hasn't anything been done since it also directly affects us," a long-time resident told RLS Media.

At approximately 5:15 a.m., residents say about 25-30 individuals who left the speakeasy at the corner of Holland and Gold streets -a former bar-  ducked for cover after a gunman repeatedly fired multiple rounds into an occupied vehicle. 


According to residents in the 100 block of Holland, there were no police, crime scene, or emergency responder units at the scene and the bullet-riddled car stayed in the same spot until 1 p.m. today. 

"We are not sure if anyone was injured. But, we don't understand why something can be done to stop this from happening," residents said. 

On the other hand, the residents in the 60's block would not elaborate on the situation. Some said they had enough and the problem is just getting worst.

According to public information, the nearby Knobby's Bar hasn't been in operation since around 2017, but it is unclear if the upstairs residential portion of the building is inhabited. 


Residents in the 100 block of Holland Street said not only is the upstairs occupied, but they believe that's where the speakeasy is. 

"We have witnessed individuals leaving the after-hours spot pistol-whip people, fire shots, block our driveways, throw garbage on the street and just about everything else in the early morning hours," residents said. "It's an out-of-control situation with no end in sight."


The intersection of Holland and Gold streets is in the rear of Harriet Tubman School, which was once named a National Blue Ribbon School for excellence. 


Police have not confirmed if anyone was injured in this morning's shots fired incident. 

Residents said police never arrived at the scene nor was the vehicle towed away. An unidentified male entered the car this afternoon and drove away.