Newark Resident, Wake Forest Student Continues to Speak Against The Media's Portrayal of "Perfect Physical Images"

Newark resident Tiffany Nunez in the last decade has learned the value of self-empowerment.

As a first grader, Tiffany was reading below grade level. Through hard work and perseverance, she increased her reading skills and gained the confidence to read aloud in class.

Today, Tiffany is a second year college student at Wake Forest University, studying Communications. She has a 3.0 GPA and the confidence to perform on stage.

While in high school, in addition to academics and drama, Tiffany was captain of both the North Newark RBI league and the Arts High School varsity softball team.

One of Tiffany’s greatest qualities is her deep belief that the images of perfection portrayed in the media are damaging to young people.

When she was younger, Tiffany was bullied about her weight and helped a friend cope with the message, “Lose 10 pounds to become a model.” These experiences deeply affected Tiffany and were influential in building her consciousness of how superficial values affect women.

Today, Tiffany is empowered to speak on behalf of those who need a voice; she wants to help others discover their own self-empowerment. “I am of the opinion that no child should feel like they are less than perfect or beautiful because of the images portrayed online or in print.”

Tiffany, who was named Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year, has vowed to bring an impactful program to youth and will work to fulfill her dream of starting a nonprofit sports organization for girls in a foreign country.

New Jersey, we introduce you to Tiffany Nunez.