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Newark Advises Drivers to Use Caution Due to Possible Icy Conditions

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Newark Police reports that due to today’s anticipated freezing rain and sleet, many streets may become flooded and should be avoided. 

Drivers are also advised to use caution due to possible icy conditions.

Temperatures are predicted to fall to 30℉ by 4 p.m., with freezing rain and sleet expected in the early evening. 

Wind chill values are anticipated at between 20℉ to 30℉, with wind gusts of up to 20 mph. Freezing rain and sleet are expected to continue into tonight.

The following locations should be avoided due to flooding conditions or the potential for flooding:  

  • Clay Street and McCarter Highway  
  • South Street and Van Buren Street  
  • Jefferson and Chestnut Streets  
  • State Street near Broad Street  
  • Jabez and Backus Streets  
  • 357 Wilson Avenue  
  • Manufacturers Place and Hyatt Street  
  • Magazine Street and Avenue L  
  • Magazine Street and Amsterdam Street 
  • Raymond Boulevard and Blanchard Street 
  • Avenue L and Wilson Avenue  
  • Wilson Avenue and Avenue K 
  • Mary Street and Avenue L 
  • Ferry and Foundry Streets  
  • Hyatt Avenue and Wilson Avenue 
  • South Street and Adams Street 
  • South Street and Pulaski Street 
  • South Street and Pacific Street 
  • South Street and Dawson Street 
  • Pacific Street and Calumet Street 
  • Pulaski Street and Clifford Street 
  • Jefferson Street ad Clifford Street  
  • Van Buren Street and Clifford Street 
  • Foundry Street and Roanoke Avenue 
  • Foundry Street and Avenue P 
  • Norfolk Street  
  • Orange Street  
  • Nesbitt Street  
  • McClellan Street and Runiak Avenue 
  • McClellan Street and Frelinghuysen Avenue 
  • Frelinghuysen Avenue and Peddie Street 
  • Frelinghuysen Avenue and Noble Street 
  • Noble Street and Meeker Avenue 
  • Elizabeth Avenue and Meeker Avenue 
  • Martin Luther King Blvd. and State Street 
  • Martin Luther King Blvd. and Orange Street, and  
  • Frelinghuysen Avenue and the Route 22 underpass  

Newark is activating a “Code Blue” for today, Friday, February 4, through Monday, February 7. 

Over this four-day period, temperatures are expected to drop to a low of 16°F, with a wind chill factor dropping into the single digits as low as 8°F with possible snow and rain. 

“Code Blue” is called when temperatures reach 25°F or lower without precipitation, 32°F with precipitation, or when there is a wind chill factor of 0°. 

Residents are reminded to continue being cautious during extremely cold weather. 

The City is also reminding residents that emergency shelters are operating during the extreme cold weather and about its partnerships with Social Service agencies. 

For more information about sheltering services, contact the shelters listed below or the Office of Homeless Services at (973) 877-9481, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  


The Department of Public Safety is coordinating responses to burglar alarms, flooding conditions and other weather-related incidents through the combined use of Police, Fire and Office of Emergency Management Personnel. 

Special attention should be given to unsecured outdoor furniture, awnings, refuse and building materials. 

For fire safety, please utilize flashlights instead of candles, should you lose electricity due to this weather event. 

Report any non-emergency, weather-related issues to Newark Police at 973-733-6000. For emergencies, including downed wires and trees, dial 911.