10-Year-Old Boy Prepares to Make a Difference in Assisting the Homeless in Newark

A 10-year-old Newark West Ward boy is determined to make a difference for the city's less fortunate as the young entrepreneur prepares for his annual fall sale.

Braylin Howard, a Newark Public School student who attends the National Blue Ribbon recognized Harriet Tubman School, will begin his fall sale of original packaged goods, home baked treats, and other items this afternoon.

According to Braylin, the sale originated from an idea that came to his mind last year when he was determined to pay for a video game that he did not want to ask his parents to support the cost. "My mom and dad work very hard everyday and I have always learned from my parents that if you want something, you have to get out there and earn money honestly to pay for it" Braylin said.

According to Braylin, last year's endeavor yielded several hundred dollars where not only was he able to fully pay for the video game, but had extra money to stock up supplies for his planned 2015 fall sale. "I really couldn't believe how many people came out last year to support my stand. I told my mommy and daddy that I wanted to use the money this year to help people because I see them help so many people daily" Braylin said.
Long time Newark residents and avid community advocates, Braylin's dad has over 20 years experience as a Newark educator and is a NJ State recognized basketball coach while his mom is an entrepreneur according to Braylin.

"I just want to make a difference because I see my daddy help so many children around Newark. I am hoping to make this an annual endeavor" Braylin continued.
Braylin is set to begin selling in front of his West Ward home located at 82 Eastern Parkway in Upper Vailsburgh at around noon to 4 p.m.

When we asked Braylin what he wanted to be when he grew up, he told us that he wants to first complete college, then play in the NBA. "After I play in the NBA, I want to own a business and someday support a cause to help stray animals (especially dogs) find adequate shelter" Braylin concluded.

We are encouraging you all to supports Braylin's fall stand and his venture to help the city's less fortunate.
Braylin Howard is our Metro Breaking News Person of the Week.

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