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New Jersey Driver Charged with Running Over 7 People in Midtown Manhattan

New Jersey


Physical TherapyBy: Richard L. Smith

The NYPD is looking into the cause of a crash that injured several people in Manhattan overnight. 

A preliminary investigation by NYPD indicated that the disturbing incident unfolded in Midtown, resulting in injuries to seven individuals.

According to authorities, a 29-year-old woman from New Jersey was behind the wheel, heading eastbound on West 36th Street when the crash occurred.

Reportedly, the driver ran a red light, leading to a collision with a group of seven people.

The aftermath left six of the victims with leg wounds, cuts, and various injuries that required them to be transported to Bellevue Hospital.

Police say one person opted not to receive medical treatment.

Physical TherapyWhile this incident was undoubtedly concerning, the good news is that officials expect all the injured individuals to recover from their injuries.

Police said the driver did not remain at the scene following the collision in Midtown. Later, around midnight, she reportedly continued driving her Honda Accord through the Midtown Tunnel, eventually ending up in Queens.

Her journey took an unexpected turn as she became involved in a crash on the Long Island Expressway, just east of 188th Street.

This crash involved three vehicles.

Authorities say the driver was subsequently taken to North Shore University Hospital for medical evaluation.

While her mental state is under scrutiny, preliminary investigations suggest that intoxication was not a factor in the incident.