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New Jersey Department of Education Announced Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Resources

By rlsmetro on
New Jersey

The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) today announced the release of resources to assist school districts with incorporating equity, diversity and inclusion in the curriculum.

The NJDOE’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Educational Resources website provides a compilation of approximately 140 resources from national and state education organizations, government, higher education, civic, and teaching websites. 

Resources include sample learning activities and lessons, tools to help educators evaluate instructional materials, culturally responsive practices, videos, and webinars.

The resources are designed to help schools implement a law (P.L.2021, c.32) signed earlier this year by Governor Phil Murphy, which requires school districts to “incorporate instruction on diversity and inclusion in an appropriate place in the curriculum of students in grades kindergarten through 12 as part of the district’s implementation of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.” 

“Our goal is to provide tools that educators can use to develop curriculum that highlights the contributions and experiences of individuals with diverse abilities, cultures, identities and perspectives,” Dr. Angelica Allen-McMillan, Acting Commissioner of Education, said. 

“These resources demonstrate our commitment to ensuring that we provide all children with a safe and welcoming learning environment.”

The diversity, equity, and inclusion resources are available for school districts to use to help them implement the New Jersey Student Learning Standards established by the NJDOE. 

In addition to having the resources available to assist in curriculum development, local school officials can also use the website to facilitate professional learning and to engage community stakeholders.

The resources are available on the NJDOE’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Educational Resources webpage.