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New Jersey Board of Chiropractic Examiners Bars Warren County Chiropractor from Treating Female Patients After Sexual Misconduct

By rlsmetro on

NEWARK – A Warren County chiropractor, who allegedly engaged in sexual misconduct with two patients under the guise of medical treatment, has been barred from treating female patients until a female monitor is in place to oversee the interactions.

Under an agreement with the Board of Chiropractic Examiners, Dr. Edward R. Kramer, Jr. who operates Kramer Family Chiropractic in Blairstown, must immediately cease his treatment of female patients until a Board-approved monitor is in place.

The monitor will oversee Kramer’s interaction with female patients until an Administrative Law Judge (“ALJ”) holds a hearing on the State’s allegations that Kramer inappropriately touched two female patients while treating them in his office.

The agreement, which will be formalized in a Consent Order between Kramer and the Board, allows him to continue practicing while the allegations of sexual misconduct, filed by Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino, are pending against him.

The Attorney General objected to the Board’s ultimate decision to permit Kramer to continue practicing with a monitor, having sought a full temporary suspension of Kramer’s license until the ALJ hearing.

“Two female patients have alleged that Dr. Kramer inappropriately touched them under the guise of providing chiropractic treatment. We believe the information they provided warrants an immediate and full temporary suspension of his license until these allegations are resolved. We’re disappointed that the Board did not agree with us,” said Attorney General Porrino.

“The Board instead has required Dr. Kramer to have a female chaperone in the office overseeing his treatment of female patients until this matter is heard in an administrative court of law.”

“The Division relies on patients to come forward with information to help us identify and protect the public from doctors who abuse their patient’s trust for their own personal satisfaction,” said Steve Lee, Director of the Division of Consumer Affairs.

“The allegations against Kramer by two former patients describe an egregious and violative abuse of this trust.”

According to a Verified Complaint filed by Attorney General Porrino, Kramer committed sexual misconduct against two patients identified only by their initials.

Kramer allegedly inappropriately touched patient “S.S.” on her bare buttocks and genital area during three visits between April and May 2016.

The patient sought treatment from Kramer for chronic neck pain and low back pain. According to the Verified Complaint, on the first visit Kramer applied treatment to her bare buttocks using a flat metal tool known as “Graston” tool. During another visit, Kramer allegedly had her remove her shirt for treatment of her upper back and neck and stayed in the exam room while she disrobed and did not offer her covering.

During that visit, Kramer inappropriately touched the woman’s vaginal area under the guise of massaging her bladder, according to the Verified Complaint.

Kramer also allegedly engaged in inappropriate sexual contact with patient “M.H.” during several chiropractic visits between April and June 2015, including, but not limited to handling both her breasts without a legitimate chiropractic need, according to the Verified Complaint. He also committed sexual misconduct by failing to leave the treatment room while M.H undressed, and by lowering her pants and underwear to expose her pubic region, according the Verified Complaint.

Kramer also engaged in deception and professional misconduct by adding treatment notes in M.H.’s record in support of his purported justification for performing chiropractic services involving M.H.’s breasts, according to the Verified Complaint.

Under the terms of his agreement with the Board, which will be formalized in a Consent Order, Kramer must pay for the monitor himself.

The monitor must be present during the treatment of all female patients until the ALJ hears Kramer’s case, and the Board takes action based on the ALJ’s findings.

The monitor must report to the Board in writing once a month and must also report any impropriety immediately to the Board. Kramer’s license will be immediately suspended if he does not comply with the provisions of the agreement, or if the monitor reports any impropriety.

Investigators with the Enforcement Bureau within the Division of Consumer Affairs conducted the investigation.