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Morris County Leaders Express Solidarity with Jewish Community, Condemn Antisemitism

Morris County

By: Richard L. Smith 

As Hanukkah celebrations draw to a close, Morris County leaders have come forward to express their unwavering support for the Jewish community in the wake of increasing antisemitic sentiments, both locally and globally.AdThis reaffirmation of solidarity follows the devastating Hamas attacks in Israel on October 7, which had a profound impact worldwide.

Morris County Board of County Commissioners Director John Krickus highlighted the community's unity during the Festival of Lights.

He expressed gratitude towards Sheriff James Gannon and Prosecutor Robert Carroll for their excellent coordination with local police to ensure the safety of residents during these festive events.

Morris county The County Commissioners, along with Sheriff Gannon, Prosecutor Carroll, and other county officials, have actively participated in over 17 public events.

These included prayer sessions, educational programs, and menorah lightings, all organized in response to the tragic events in Gaza that left 1,400 people dead and more than 200 hostages, igniting an ongoing conflict.AdThese events have played a crucial role in strengthening community bonds in Morris County and raising awareness about the surge in antisemitism, a level not seen since the Holocaust.

In a gesture of solidarity, the County Commissioners publicly declared their support for Israel during an October 11 Commissioner Public Meeting.

Further emphasizing their stance, Commissioner Deborah Smith introduced the "Stand Against Jewish Hate Blue Light Campaign" during a meeting on December 6.

This campaign aims to foster understanding and counter the rising threat of antisemitism globally.

Commissioner Smith poignantly remarked, "As the light of the menorah goes out, our prayers go out to Israel and all our Jewish friends and loved ones," encapsulating the community's heartfelt support and concern.

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