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Morris County Law Enforcement Credits Vigilance and Coordination for Drop in Auto Thefts

Morris County

By: Richard L. Smith 

In Morris County a significant decrease in auto theft has been reported, with numbers down by 27.8% compared to the previous year.

AdOfficials said this decline contrasts sharply with the overall trend in New Jersey, where auto thefts have seen an increase.

The success in Morris County is attributed to the combined efforts of local law enforcement agencies and the community's vigilance.

Morris County Prosecutor Robert J. Carroll have issued a reminder to residents about the importance of securing their homes and vehicles.

This proactive approach is crucial in reducing the opportunities for theft, which often arise from unsecured homes and vehicles.


The decrease in auto thefts is partly due to the diligent work of the Morris County Prosecutor's Office Intelligence Unit, the Morris County Sheriff's Trends and Analysis Team (MCSTAT), the Morris County Auto Theft Task Force, and municipal police departments.

These groups have focused on targeting organized crime rings responsible for stealing vehicles, particularly those left unlocked or with key fobs inside.

Criminals have been known to utilize sophisticated methods, including "drop cars," to facilitate their thefts, targeting luxury vehicles across various neighborhoods.

Thefts are most frequent during the overnight hours on weekdays, with hotspot areas including Parsippany, Morris Township, Montville, Morristown, Mountain Lakes, and Randolph.


To combat this trend, law enforcement officials have provided residents with several safety tips, including locking all doors and windows, removing key fobs from vehicles, quickly retrieving delivered packages, parking luxury cars in garages, and staying vigilant about surroundings.

Additionally, the use of steering wheel security devices and regular review of home surveillance footage are recommended.

Morris County's law enforcement leaders have also advocated for federal and state legislation to aid in the battle against vehicle theft.

Prosecutor Carroll highlighted the regional strategy employed in Morris County, emphasizing the importance of intelligence-sharing, technology, and public awareness in tackling this statewide issue.

Efforts are also being made to address the involvement of juveniles in these crimes, aiming to deter them from future criminal activities.AdSheriff Gannon praised the effective partnership between residents and the police, noting the role of education, proactive patrols, and intelligence-driven detective work in reducing auto thefts.

Chief President Koroski also commended the collective efforts of law enforcement and the community, underscoring the importance of reporting suspicious activities to help maintain the downward trend in auto thefts in Morris County.