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Morris County Authorities are Investigating Swatting Incident in Pequannock Township

Pequannock Township

Morris County authorities are on the search for the person who made a swatting phone call reporting an urgent situation at a Pequannock Township on Sunday morning.

Authorities say officers were called to a home on Berry Place to investigate reports of suspicious activities shortly before 12:45 a.m., where the caller reported a shooting and possible hostage situation inside the residence.

When officers arrived, they contacted SWAT and the Morris County Prosecutor's Office to assist in the investigation.

After looking into the matter, police confirmed that the call was a hoax and there was no incident taking place at that location.

Police say Swatting is a criminal harassment tactic of deceiving an emergency service into sending a police and emergency service response team to another person's address.

According to police, this is triggered by false reporting of a serious law enforcement emergency, such as a bomb threat, murder, hostage situation, or another alleged incident.

The investigation is active and ongoing.