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Montclair Police Reminds Residents to Lock, Secure Items in Vehicles After $1K Louis Vuitton Bag Stolen


By: Richard L. Smith 

A recent spike in vehicle thefts has prompted the Montclair Police Department to remind all residents to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to secure their vehicles and belongings.

According to police officials, during the week of July 11, 2023, through July 18, 2023, several incidents of vehicle burglaries were reported in various neighborhoods, including Pleasant Avenue, Rosedale Avenue, Highland Avenue, and Undercliff Road.

In most of these cases, Montclair Police officials said the unfortunate victims had left their vehicles unlocked, making them easy targets for opportunistic thieves.

However, one incident was particularly concerning as the suspect shattered the passenger side window of a vehicle on an undisclosed street and made off with a valuable Louis Vuitton bag, estimated to be worth $1000.00.

As of now, no arrests have been reported in connection with these vehicle thefts.

Montclair Police Department is diligently investigating the matter and combing through surveillance tapes in the areas where the incidents occurred to identify potential suspects.

Authorities are urging all residents to safeguard their vehicles and belongings proactively.

Simple measures such as locking car doors, rolling up windows, and removing valuable items from plain sight can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to such crimes.

Additionally, anyone who notices suspicious activities or individuals in their neighborhood is encouraged to report it immediately to the Montclair Police Department.

While public documents show that these types of incidents are declining in Montclair, police continue to work tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of the community. Still, they also rely on the cooperation of residents in preventing such crimes.

The vehicle burglaries remain under investigation.