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A Mild St. Patrick's Day Morning Greets Newark, North Jersey, With a Chance of Sprinkles


By: Richard L. Smith 

My family and friends in Newark and the North Jersey region are enjoying a mild and pleasant start to St. Patrick's Day, accompanied by the luck of the Irish.TinyThe National Weather Service reports favorable conditions for those participating in the 2024 NYC half marathon. Overall, the weather is good, albeit with a slight chance of sprinkles.

However, it's expected that much of this light rain won't reach the ground, maintaining the day's pleasant outlook.

While today will be a generally good day with the potential for spotty rain, it also marks the end of the current mild weather stretch.

The region is set to experience a drop in temperatures as it welcomes the spring of 2024.

According to The National Weather Service, today's forecast includes a 20 percent chance of showers before 10 a.m., followed by a mostly cloudy day with highs near 61 degrees.

A west wind will blow at 13 to 18 mph, making for a brisk but enjoyable outdoor experience.

As night falls, NWS forecasters say the skies will clear somewhat, leading to a partly cloudy evening with lows around 37 degrees.

This transition signals the end of the mild weather, but it promises a fresh and crisp start to the new season. Happy St. Patrick's Day, NJ.