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Michigan Mass Shooting Suspect Had Mercer County NJ Ties


By: Richard L. Smith 

Mercer County Police officials. said on Tuesday,  at approximately 6 a.m., The New Jersey State Police notified the Ewing Police Department about a mass shooting an incident that occurred at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, which had a possible connection to Ewing, New Jersey.  


According to Mercer County officials, information received during the investigation indicated that the shooter Anthony McRae, 43, had local ties to Ewing Township.

When police found McRae in Michigan, he had a note in his pocket that indicated a threat to two Ewing Public Schools.

Investigation revealed that McRae had a history of mental health issues.

Officials said as the investigation continued, and out of an abundance of caution, the Ewing Public Schools were closed for the day.

Officers from Ewing and surrounding agencies were stationed at each closed public school as well as the other schools in the Township.  

After further investigation, it has been determined that the incident is isolated to Michigan, and there is no threat to Ewing Schools.

Mercer County officials said as Information received during our investigation indicated that McRae has not resided in the Ewing area in several years.  


The Ewing Police Department said they would like to thank our Mercer County law enforcement partners for their quick response and assistance while the investigation was in the initial stages.

Officers will remain at all schools for the day, and it is anticipated that the normal school schedule will resume tomorrow, February 15.