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Message from the New Jersey State Police

New Jersey

The following is a message from the NJ State Police:

”We want to take a moment today to thank the citizens of New Jersey for once again demonstrating to the world what it means to be Jersey Strong!

The COVID-19 disease has dramatically altered our way of life. In an effort to flatten the curve and ultimately defeat this virus, we have asked more from our citizens than perhaps ever before. And not surprisingly, the overwhelming majority are sacrificing for the greater good.

Please continue to social distance and travel only when necessary.

New Jersey State Troopers will continue to serve, but unfortunately, we cannot do our jobs from six feet away.

Remember, when you are out on the roadways for necessary travel, please obey the speed limit.

Unnecessary contact, like a motor vehicle stop, puts both you and a trooper at risk for spreading COVID-19.

For your safety and ours, slow down, because you are risking more than just getting a speeding ticket”.