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Marriedpreneurs Mashup: When Roles Switch! Lessons From Phil & Shae Bynes

New Jersey

By: O.L./Sway Buckley

Last year, Phil and Shae Bynes were our guests on the Marriedpreneur Life podcast. A lot has changed on their business journey since first meeting them online. 

At the time, Phil ran his own massage practice. 

And Shae was the CEO of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur. 

When we last connected with them, their roles had shifted majorly, and we wanted to share their story to pull out marriage and business principles to help other couples. 

Q4 MasterclassFast forward ten years, and today, Phil is the CEO of the same company his wife started, and Shae is the advisor to the company. 

Totally. Different. Roles. 

The big question that came across our mind was HOW was the transition?

We know change in and of itself isn't easy. But to add more complications to this equation, it was a change of roles in business between a husband and wife, AND both spouses shifted into the SAME business. 

This means they were from indie-preneurs (where both spouses run individual businesses) to couple-preneurs (where both spouses work in the same business). If you're unaware of the red flags for these marriedpreneur types, you can read about them HERE

Team RobinsonsIn short, there are serious landmines to look out for regarding either of these marriedpreneur types. 

So, how they endured the drastic change and maintained a healthy marriage throughout it all is a valid question. 

If you're a marriedpreneur couple preparing for a significant change and seeking insight on steps to ensure the process is as smooth as possible with your spouse, keep reading. 

Here are some of the steps Team Bynes took to safeguard their marriage through such a vulnerable

➡️ Prayerfully: Phil and Shae are mature Christians who prioritize prayer. So, this situation was no different. They were careful to follow the peace of God as they prayed in preparation. 

➡️ Unified: They stayed committed to talking a lot through the transition. Staying communicative, honest, and humble is key. 

Operating Systems Checklist➡️ Strategically: They didn't rush the process. They took their time and grew together in this process. 

These steps can make a huge difference in one's marriedpreneur journey regardless of your stage. If you're seeking a simple process to grow in business as marriedpreneurs, join the Q4 Finish Strong Masterclass Series here. 

Here's to living purposefully, powerfully, and profitably in sync, 

O.L. & Sway

O.L. is a former banker turned real estate consultant and entrepreneur. Sway is a former CEO of a staffing firm she started on her dorm room floor to pay for college. Together, they co-own Marriedpreneur Life Consultancy, equipping faith-based married entrepreneur couples with high-level systems to scale (without strain). They're the creators of the Marriedpreneur Operating Systems and the co-hosts of The Marriedprenuer Life Podcast, which was praised as one of Wedding Wire's top relationship podcasts. Learn more at