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Man Steals Car with Baby Left Inside in Elizabeth

By rlsmetro on

Fast responding Elizabeth Police officers swiftly recovered a car that was left running with a baby inside when a thief jumped in and took off in it.

According to a statement released by Elizabeth City Spokeswoman Kelly Martins the incident happened at North Broad and Newark Avenue at approximately 2:42 p.m.

Spokeswoman Martins said a female driver exited her running car to throw garbage away when a lurking unidentified male jumped in the car and sped away from the location.

Police officers -already on duty conducted crime suppression- flooded the area and found the abandoned car on North Avenue and Stanton with the unharmed baby safely inside.

Spokeswoman Martins said the woman was not assaulted and no physical contact was made.

The suspect is still on the loose Spokeswoman Martins said.

Elizabeth Police officials warn residents to never leave your child in a vehicle either running or not running.