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Man Jumps into Passaic River to Rescue Woman From Car in Nutley/Lyndhurst

By rlsmetro on

A man jumped into the Passaic River early this morning to rescue a woman who had driven her car into the water according to authorities.

The 50-year-old woman, was rushed to a nearby hospital, where where her injuries were no reported to be life threatening.

According to authorities, the man was standing in a shopping center parking lot on the Lyndhurst side and drove across a bridge to save her. The man who is reportedly a member of a nearby gym, reportedly carried the woman to safety according to witnesses at the scene.

Authorities said the incident occurred in a stretch of the river off Route 21 on the Nutley side where the woman drove off a road that connects the road to the highway.

Nearly two dozen members of the Nutley and Lyndhurst police and fire departments responded authorities said.

Witnesses said the man walked away immediately after performing the heroic rescue.