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Man Hangs Pit Bull after Dog Attempts Attack on Several in Newark's South Ward

By rlsmetro on

Police in Newark are investigating an incident that occurred in the city's South Ward where a man reportedly killed a dog on Friday afternoon.

Exact details regarding the incident are developing, but according to an eyewitness's account, at around 3:30 p.m. Friday on West Runyon Street, an out of control pit bull appeared from out of nowhere and began to chase several people in the area, including children.

The eyewitness said a male victim lost his balance, falling to the ground while attempting to get away when the dog began to maul the man.

The dog retracted after a brief struggle with the victim.

Sometime during the encounter to flee from the dog, a NJ Transit bus struck the victim causing minor injuries.

Minutes later, the eyewitness said that an unidentified man walking down the street found the dog resting near a car and took control of the animal while escorting it to a nearby parking lot.

What occurred next, stunned dozens of bystanders and children who were preparing for dismissal from Belmont Runyon School's fun day activity held in the vicinity.

The eyewitness said the man -who appeared emotionally distressed, aggressive, and agitated- removed his belt from his pants then placed it around the dog's neck.

The man lifted the dog with the belt then tied it high up on a fence before walking away from the scene.

Horrified bystanders at a nearby business rushed to the aid of the dog and used a knife to cut it down from the fence then attempt to save the dog but it was too late; the dog died.

According to the witness, when he asked the unidentified man if the dog belonged to him, he aggressively shouted "it is not my dog" then lured the animal to his final living destination.

The victim suffered non-life threatening injuries and police arrived to take a report.