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Man Found Dead on Downtown Newark Sidewalk, No Foul Play Suspected


By: Richard L. Smith 

Authorities in Newark believe that the death of a man found lying on a sidewalk in downtown Newark does not appear to involve foul play.NinosThe discovery was made around 5:15 p.m. on Broad Street near Edison Place, right outside the Natural Nail salon, where passersby and shoppers noticed the man's body.

Witnesses, including several who had been shopping in nearby stores, reported seeing the man sitting on the sidewalk about an hour before they entered the shops.

"He appeared to be among the city's less fortunate, often seen sitting near downtown businesses," witnesses told RLS Media.

Concern grew when one witness observed the man slumped over and promptly alerted the police.

Following the report, police taped off a small area of the sidewalk and summoned detectives to further investigate the circumstances surrounding the man's death.

The State Regional Medical Examiner's Office has been tasked with determining the exact cause of death, which, as of now, is not being treated as suspicious.

Further details will be released following the conclusion of the medical examination.