Pennsylvania Man Dies in Plainfield Police Custody

Union County Authorities are investigating the death of a Pennsylvania man who was in police custody in Plainfield.

According to a press release submitted by police, on Friday morning, April 14th, a 49-year-old male resident of Easton, Pennsylvania was arrested and charged with third-degree possession of heroin in South Plainfield (Middlesex County) before being transferred to Plainfield Police custody on outstanding traffic warrants.

Later that day, the individual, whose identity was released to RLS Media by his family as Douglas Matthews, was found unresponsive in his jail cell.

Police said attempts to revive him were unfortunately unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

An autopsy performed by the Union County Medical Examiner’s Office did not reveal any signs of trauma to the deceased authorities said.

The final autopsy report remains pending completion.

Plainfield authorities transferred the investigation to the Union County Prosecutor’s Office for review.