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Lucky Player Wins $13,414 from Quick Draw Progressive Ticket in Newark


By: Richard L. Smith 

One fortunate player purchased a Quick Draw Progressive ticket and won $13,414, 10% of the progressive jackpot, on Tuesday, June 4.AdNJ lottery said in a release that the winning ticket was sold at Ironbound Restaurant & Café LLC, located at 9-11 Fleming Ave., Newark in Essex County.

Quick Draw Progressive tickets, available at any retailer, offer a fast and exciting way for players to check if they have a winning ticket.

The rolling jackpot is available to every player at no additional cost.

Each Quick Draw ticket features nine “Your Jackpot Numbers” (01-80) randomly selected and printed at the bottom.

If all nine of a player’s numbers are selected in any of the Quick Draw drawings the ticket is eligible for, the ticket wins a portion of the Progressive Jackpot based on the wager per draw.

A $1 wager per draw ticket wins 10% of the jackpot, a $2 wager per draw ticket wins 20%, and so on.AdAny ticket with a $10 wager per draw or higher is eligible to receive 100% of the jackpot.