Life Threatening Injuries Reported for Motorcyclist Involved in Jersey City Crash

Officials would only confirm 'life-threatening' injuries for a motorcyclist that collided with a vehicle on a street in Jersey City Sunday night.

According to preliminary reports, witnesses watched in horror after a male, who operated a motorized bike, collided with a vehicle in the vicinity of Ocean Avenue and Fulton Street before 11:25 p.m.

According to residents, they said the motorcyclist -who is known in the area- was doing wheelies and was at a "12 o'clock" position when a vehicle crashed into him. Residents said the impact of the collision sent the victim airborne until his head struck the concrete curb.

Witnesses rushed to the aid of the semi-conscious unidentified male then provided CPR in an attempt to save his life according to residents.

Residents say the young man was not wearing a helmet.

The severely injured victim was rushed to Jersey City Medical Center where doctors began treatment of life-threatening injuries according to reports.

According to residents, emergency responders were delayed at getting to the scene to treat the victim, which prompted an angry crowd to confront police and EMS units verbally.

Jersey City Police officers detained one person during what residents called an emotional "push and shove" interaction with emergency responders.

Police have not released circumstances behind what officially caused the crash at this time.