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Late-Summer Heatwave Grips North Jersey as Newark Students Return to School



Real estate By: Richard L. Smith 

As thousands of Newark children excitedly embark on their first day of school, they will be met with an intense late summer heatwave enveloping the North Jersey region.

Yes, the mercury is soaring, setting the stage for record-breaking temperatures on this educational milestone for my friends and family in the Newark and North Jersey region.

According to The National Weather Service, the scorching heatwave stretches from the west coast to the east, and today, Newark will feel the heat as thermometers climb to around 93 degrees.

Adding to the challenge, NWS forecasters said the humidity stands at 76%, contributing to heat index values reaching as high as 97 degrees.  

Hudson County communities Harrison and Kearny are already waking up to a balmy 77 degrees.

The heat raises concerns while the academic year kicks off, especially since many buildings in Newark and surrounding areas lack air conditioning systems.

This has led to discussions within the community about the potential need for early school closings during these sweltering days. Superintendents in the area have officially reported no decisions.  AhaAs the region copes with the sweltering conditions, educators and parents ensure that the students are equipped with adequate hydration and proper measures to keep cool during this scorching start to the school year.

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