Laced Kids' Breakfast Cereal Packs Found Following Condo Raid in Paterson

Eight people were taken into custody after detectives allegedly seized packages of laced children’s breakfast cereal and more than 20 pounds of pot following Paterson condo raid.

Officials say detectives investigating reports of drugs being sold out of a Main Street condo, led authorities to the seizure of 73 packages of “Fruity Pebbles” and “Cinnamon Toast Crunch” cereal blended with THC, 132 bags, 50 jars, a cup and Tupperware with pot, a container of liquid THC used to lace the cereal and more than $7,000 in drug proceeds.

Police arrested Issac Wade, 31, Andre White, 42, Max Brown, 20, Tyron Mallory 28, Jacory DeWitt 32, Gregory Gillispie, 29, and Tequan Motley, 32, all of Paterson, and Chayanne Girao, 28, of West Milford.

The incident remains under investigation.