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Kindness Award Winners Are Examples to Entire Academy of Holy Angels Community

By rlsmetro on

Academy of the Holy Angels students Jacqueline Arbogast, Grace Koustas, and Anissa Lena recently received the Sister Catherine Green Kindness Award.

This honor is presented to AHA students who continue the tradition of kindness for which Sister Catherine Green, SSND, was known. S. Catherine, who was a beloved member of the AHA Religious Studies Department from 1982 until 2014, was an attentive listener with a ready smile and warm words of encouragement. 

The latest award recipients are following in her footsteps.

Anissa Lena (AHA ’24), is known as an understanding and caring person. A friend wrote that Lena’s honesty, kindness, and selflessness are apparent. 

Another classmate said this Moonachie resident “demonstrates this award daily. She is genuine, compassionate, and trustworthy. She always makes me feel included and helps me out when I am having a bad day.”

Grace Koustas of Harrington Park (AHA ’23) was honored for being helpful and considerate to those she encounters. 

One friend wrote that she “carries a positive attitude 24/7 and this positivity has a ripple effect on others.”

Koustas makes everyone feel welcome and is always there to brighten the day for others.  A classmate wrote that Koustas’ “positive attitude is infectious and her desire to help others is inspiring.”

Jacqueline Arbogast (AHA ’22) is described as a selfless person who puts others’ needs before her own. Another friend said Arbogast “always takes the time out of her day to check on people, no matter how busy she is because she genuinely cares.”

This Angel is also described as thoughtful, funny, and caring. She puts others at ease and has a knack for listening and making others feel included.

Arbogast is a resident of Warwick, New York.