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Kearny Police Investigates COVID-19 Scam Emails

By rlsmetro on

The Kearny Police Department Detective Bureau is investigating a COVID-19 related email scam that occurred within the Town of Kearny.

We just want to pass along a warning so that you will not fall prey to these horrible people who wish to take advantage of the kind nature of Kearny residents.

A potential victim received a "spoofed email" that appeared to be from his boss directing him to purchase gift cards.

The email stated that the gift cards would be donated to our brave healthcare workers who are currently fighting COVID-19.

Please be suspicious of anyone who requests gift cards even if an email appears to come from someone you know. It is VERY easy to "spoof" email.

The FTC has put together a list of tips to avoid this and other types of COVID-19 related fraud. Please find the link below. Stay well everyone!