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Juvenile Carjacking Suspect Arrested in Winslow Township

Camden County

By: Kafi Rosenbaum

According to the Camden County police department, on Monday, November 20, at 10:53 am, a man was the victim of a carjacking incident.

LawyersOfficials say the victim left his vehicle parked and running unattended while he went into the Jersey Bagel convenience store located at 609 Sicklerville Road.

The accused allegedly entered the victim's vehicle and attempted to drive away.

The victim exited the store and observed his vehicle driving away, at which time he was able to enter it through the passenger side door while the vehicle was still moving.

According to police, a struggle ensued inside the vehicle, causing it to collide with another vehicle on Sicklerville Road in front of the driveway of the business. 

After the collision, the victim's vehicle continued rolling forward and struck a parked vehicle in the parking lot of the Jersey Bagel store.

Officials say the accused exited the vehicle and fled on foot.

Detective Wyld happened to be passing this location just after this incident occurred. He was able to relay pertinent information over the radio so that responding units could canvass the area.

K-9s from the Camden County Sheriff's Office and Voorhees Twp P.D. responded and initiated a track.

While the K-9s were actively tracking, Detective Sergent Krause observed the accused running in the Kenwood Condominium complex, where he was stopped and taken into custody after being positively identified by the victim along with additional video evidence.  

The 17-year-old male from Winslow was charged accordingly and remanded to the Camden County Juvenile Detention Center. There were no injuries in the crash.