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Isaiah House Belated Juneteenth Event Brings Community Together Despite Inclement Weather

East Orange


By: Richard L. Smith 

Despite scattered and heavy rain, the spirit of celebration prevailed at one of New Jersey's leading community organization's events.

Isaiah House, a prominent community organization dedicated to empowerment and support, hosted a vibrant gathering that showcased its commitment to serving the community and brought together over 100 enthusiastic attendees.

I enjoyed my time visiting the event, held in partnership with the NJMVC mobile unit, which provided a wide range of services and activities for community members to enjoy.


Despite the temporary rain, the event attracted a substantial crowd, with over 100 community members in attendance.

More than 50 individuals eagerly took advantage of the services offered by the NJMVC mobile unit, including convenient access to license renewals and Real ID applications.

This demonstrated Isaiah House's dedication to providing essential resources and support to the community of East Orange and neighboring towns in Essex County.  

The festive atmosphere remained lively throughout the event, with various vendors adding flair and offering attendees a diverse array of options.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the turnout and the outcome. This is why we do this. Our team consistently works together and what we saw today is the end result”. - Executive Director Zammeah Bivins-Gibson

The children were delighted by the presence of a talented face painter, while DJ Rob Andrews created an energetic ambiance with his music. Additionally, renowned House Music Artist Eddie Nicholas took the stage, delivering a special performance that captivated the audience and added to the overall excitement of the day.

One of the highlights of the Juneteenth event was a powerful presentation by Queen Aaminah, a respected figure in the community. She shed light on the significance of Juneteenth, inspiring and educating attendees about its historical importance.


The event also took the opportunity to honor several Isaiah House clients who have made remarkable progress within the program.

These deserving individuals received plaques from dedicated staff members, recognizing their accomplishments and celebrating their personal growth.

Ms.Kierre Kaiser a business development specialist for CareWell Health Medical Center, formerly known as East Orange General applauded being at the event and said it was great supplying information that would assist the daily lives of those who need it. 

“We care for the entire person. That means your physical, behavioral, and emotional health. You can count on us to help you with the medical challenges that everyone faces in life, from the common to the complicated” Kaiser said.

Culinary delights were abundant at the event, with attendees treated to delicious food grilled to perfection. The festivities also included exciting raffle prizes, offering numerous opportunities for attendees to win enticing rewards.

The community expressed their gratitude towards a generous vendor who distributed free clothing, further enhancing the event's impact and fostering a sense of unity.

The occasion was made even more special with the presence of The Honorable East Orange Mayor Ted Green, who demonstrated his unwavering support for Isaiah House and the community.


Mayor Green engaged with attendees, shared thoughtful words, and actively participated in the festivities, further reinforcing the significance of the event.

The Isaiah House Juneteenth event exemplified the organization's indispensable role within the community.

By combining essential services, captivating performances, inspirational presentations, and a spirit of celebration, Isaiah House demonstrated its commitment to empowering and uplifting the community it serves.

For more information about Isaiah House and their upcoming events, please visit their website at or contact them at 973-678-5882.