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Irvington's State of the Township Address: A Display of Unity, Progress

Irvington Township

By: Richard L. Smith 

On March 15, 2024, Irvington Township celebrated a momentous State of the Township Address, hosted by Director of Parks and Recreation Donald Malloy and led by The Honorable Mayor Tony Vauss alongside Dr. April Vauss, the First Lady and Superintendent of Irvington Public Schools.AdI was on location that evening at the Transcend Worship Center on Clinton Avenue, the event marked a significant occasion in the community's history, drawing hundreds of residents and featuring a remarkable blend of unity, recognition, and entertainment.

Mayor Vauss addressed the audience with a unique and heartfelt rendition of the address, placing a strong emphasis on acknowledging the unsung heroes of Irvington.


Several community members were surprised with awards for their tireless contributions to enhancing the township's quality of life.

Several attendees included Mayor Ras Baraka of Newark, Mayor Ted Green of East Orange, and other distinguished guests, underscoring the event's regional significance.


AdSpecial guest Tisha Campbell, acclaimed for her roles in various television shows and movies, delivered an inspirational speech, sharing her personal connection to Essex County and Irvington.

The evening also served to honor the late Municipal Clerk Harold Wiener, recognizing his dedication to community service.

Irvington Musa Malik, the Business Administrator, introduced the township's council members and municipal directors through engaging videos, fostering greater transparency and accessibility.

Mayor Vauss highlighted the significant progress made in public safety, education, and community support under his administration, showcasing the substantial reductions in crime rates and the implementation of innovative programs aimed at empowering residents.

The promotion of ten police officers to the rank of Sergeant and the emphasis on the importance of voting and addressing social disparities further emphasized the Mayor's vision for a united, safe, and prosperous Irvington.

Community Service Awards were given to: 

 1. Lady Linda Carlton 

 2. Marilyn Campbell

 3. Mildred Chandler

 4. Pamela Eafford 

 5. Shelly Edwards

 6. Bruce McClamb

 7. Al-Nisa White 

 8. Satava Williams 

 9. Alethea Gibbs

Irvington Proclamations for Outstanding Community Service were given to: 

Adenah Bayoh 

Jackie Jones 

Nigel Coelho 

The business award went to:

Erik Gianmarco.

Through this State of The Township address, Mayor Vauss not only celebrated Irvington's achievements but also set a clear path for its future, encouraging community involvement and continuous improvement.