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Investigation Underway Following Fatal Police-Involved Shooting in Jersey City

Jersey City

By: Richard L. Smith 

The Office of the Attorney General has launched an inquiry into a tragic incident involving a police-involved shooting on August 27, 2023, in Jersey City.

Attorney General Platkin said fatality occurred during the incident and the individual's identity remains undisclosed.

As outlined by initial findings, the events unfolded around 2:28 p.m. that day, prompting officers from the Jersey City Police Department to respond to an address on Randolph Avenue, situated near Bramhall Avenue.

The police were called in after a request for assistance was made by emergency medical services personnel.

AG Platkin said during the course of the event, a member of the Jersey City police force discharged their service weapon, resulting in an injury to a male civilian.

ABC7NY (Eyewitness News) identified the victim as Mr. Andrew Washington. 

Washington was swiftly taken to a nearby medical facility, where he was pronounced dead at approximately 4:47 p.m.