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Intoxicated Man Arrested After Mistakenly Entering, Vomiting Inside Vehicle in Maplewood


By: Richard L. Smith 

Maplewood Police Officer Verdun stumbled upon an unusual scene during routine business checks around 4 p.m. on Millburn Avenue on January 23, 2024.Ad A car with fogged-up windows caught his attention, leading to the discovery of Mr. Alexis Lluminquinga, a 27-year-old from Newark inside. 

Police said Lluminquinga, intoxicated and uninvited, had left a NJ Transit bus and entered the unlocked vehicle seeking warmth, only to vomit on himself and the car's interior.

The unintended occupant was arrested for Criminal Trespass and now awaits his court date, marking a peculiar twist to Maplewood's local incidents.

Maplewood police are consistently reminding residents to ensure their car doors are locked and to avoid leaving keys or key fobs inside their vehicles.