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Hudson County Urges Parents of Children Over 12 to Get Them Boosted

By rlsmetro on
Hudson County

Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise and the Hudson County Vaccine Task Force are ready to begin distributing booster shots to children ages 12 and up today, the first day the new age group has become eligible. 

County officials urge parents to make sure that all eligible members of their families get their booster shot as soon as possible to stop the spread of the Omicron variant and protect themselves from serious illness. 

Additional information, including the County Distribution Center's hours of operation, can be found on their website.

"We are ready to hit the ground running and begin distributing booster shots to kids 12 and older," said County Executive DeGise. 

"Our Vaccine Task Force has already seen incredible success, including success in getting kids vaccinated. Hudson County has the highest rate in the state for ages 12-17, at 91%."

"We're committed to continuing to make sure anyone eligible to receive a booster can access one immediately. Let's get our kids boosted and back out there being kids!" 

As the surge in Omicron cases continues, County Officials encourage anyone who is eligible to get their booster shot to do so, as it both significantly reduces the chance of transmission and lessens the symptoms if someone is infected with the Omicron variant. 

"Getting your booster shot is absolutely imperative," said Carrie Nawrocki, Executive Director of Hudson Regional Health Commission. 

"More and more, we're seeing what a difference this additional dose makes in protecting people from COVID infection and far lessening the severity of your symptoms if you get a breakthrough case." 

"Hudson County is ready to begin vaccinating this newly eligible group today, and we encourage parents and their eligible children to visit one of our vaccination sites as soon as they can."

In addition to offering booster doses to children ages 12 and over at the Vaccine Distribution Center, the County Vaccine Task Force is offering booster shots to children ages 12-17 today at the mobile site in Union City at 324 43rd St. 

The Hudson County Vaccine Distribution Center is also continuing to offer free vaccines and booster shots to all eligible groups at the Hudson County Vaccine Distribution Center in Kearny and recommends that anyone who hasn't yet been vaccinated do so.