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Hudson County Tech School Fencers Will Represent Team USA at 2023 World Championships

Hudson County

By: Richard L. Smith 

Hudson County Schools of Technology (HCST) student and fencer Kaitlyn Pak is heading to Bulgaria this week to compete in the Cadet and Junior World Championships with the USA Junior Women's Saber Fencing Team.

Open house

According to HCST officials afterward, she will work towards trying to qualify for Olympic Qualifiers leading up to the 2024 Summer Games.

Pak a High Tech High School senior majoring in Design and Fabrication and has been fencing for a decade.

Officials said she is dedicated to maintaining her outstanding academic performance and excelling at her sport. 

"Fencing, like many other things in life, requires discipline, dedication, and patience," said Kailyn Pak.


"However, when I lose myself in competition, I always try to remind myself of my love of the sport and the incredible life experience."

HCST officials said in addition to working towards competing in the 2024 Olympics, Pak will continue her fencing career on Harvard University's team, where she has already been accepted and where she will attend in the fall.

"Kaitlyn's athletic achievements are a testament to her inner drive, passion, and determination," said Kathy Young, HTHS Principal.

"True champions are not just physically strong, but also mentally and emotionally resilient. It takes a deep-seated desire, a dream, and a vision to achieve this balance, and Kaitlyn embodies these qualities."