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Hope One Newark Makes Over 450 Contacts Heading into 2nd Quarter 2019

By kcora on

Officials announce that Hope One Newark, a mobile unit that offers addiction recovery services, mental health services and housing assistance, has made contact with 454 visitors so far this year.

“I am pleased that Hope One Newark is making a significant impact in meeting the needs of those addicted, suffering from mental illness or living homeless,” Newark Public Safety Director Anthony F. Ambrose said. “As we enter the second quarter of 2019, our stats show that we have made 68 referrals to drug rehab facilities, 40 referrals for mental health services, trained 20 people in Narcan use and distributed 15 Narcan kits. This is significant because instead of relying solely on individuals walking into a traditional facility for help, Hope One Newark brings help to the streets, where they are.”

Hope One Newark’s Mobile Unit, which follows the pattern of the Hope One program developed by Morris County Sheriff James Gannon, was launched in December 2018. The unit operates in partnership with the Center for Addiction Recovery, Education and Success, Integrity House, Mental Health Association of Essex and Morris Counties and the Newark Department of Health and Community Wellness. Other services provided include on-the-spot transportation to drug treatment facilities and the distribution of identification cards to the homeless so that they can obtain services, including housing assistance.

“When it comes to issues like addiction, homelessness and mental illness, we can’t arrest our way out of these problems,” Ambrose added. “By visiting different communities each week, Hope One Newark puts these services within reach of those who need them most.”

The neighborhoods where Hope One Newark is stationed each Monday are those identified by Newark Police Division precinct commanders.

Officials say the unit’s next deployment, is scheduled for April 22nd at Hopkins Place and South 20th Street.