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Hopatcong Police Arrest Church Youth Leader Accused of Sending Obscene Picture to Girl


A 32-year-old youth leader accused of sending an obscene photo and inappropriate messages over Snapchat to a girl has been arrested.

According to police, detectives received information that Michael De Block was sending inappropriate pictures and messages to a youth student of the church where he’s a youth leader.

The church - which only permits communication between student and leaders at meetings - received information that De Block was communicating with a female student outside of meetings and in an inappropriate manner immediately contacted authorities.

Detectives discovered that De Block sent at least one picture of his genitals, and sent inappropriate messages to the female teen while outside of the church.

As a result of the findings, De Block was arrested, charged and later released.

The name of the church will not be given, for it has no bearing on this case, police added.

Parents need to be aware of what their sons/daughters are sending over the internet. Every sexual predator can’t be stopped but children can be taught how to prevent becoming a victim.

These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.