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"Honoring Black Life Through Literature"

East Orange

Talk about having an inspiring conversation; that’s exactly what happened during our most recent taping of Flying on Broken Wings as we honored and celebrated black lives through the medium of literature.

I had the pleasure of interviewing husband and wife writers and publishers, Wade and Cheryl Hudson from Just Us Book Publishing Company in East Orange, NJ.

The taping was done at Imani Baptist Church, also in East Orange. With an enthusiastic audience as the backdrop--What a treat!


We discussed their latest two books, Defiant, Growing Up in the Jim Crow South, and Recognize! An Anthology Honoring and Amplifying Black Life.

Our conversations highlighted Wade’s memoir, as he candidly brought to life some of the incidents from his experience during the Civil Rights Era. Cheryl and Wade talked about the impetus for Recognize.

And we were fortunate enough to have in our audience, Curtis Hudson, one of the many contributors to Recognize!. Curtis shared notes from a musical perspective about the Civil Rights Era in his essay.

At the end of the discourse of each book, we were privy to a reading—Wade from Defiant and Cheryl from Recognize.

To further enrich the experience, I had an opportunity to juxtapose my book, Flying on Broken Wings, with Defiant. Finally, I read the poem Flying on Broken Wings, also from my book.

We are looking forward to other planned topics that affect our community.

In fact, stay tuned for our upcoming discussions on such social issues as abduction, kidnapping, court decisions that negatively affect the lives of thousands of children from parent separations, and more. 

Until next time, keep flying on your own wings.