Hillside Police Pursuit Ends in Crash in Irvington Township Neighborhood

A high speed police pursuit that began at a location in Union County ended with the suspect crashing in Essex County early Sunday morning.

The pursuit began when Hillside Police attempted to pull over a car at a location in the township but the driver ignored the officer’s lights and sirens then sped off.

Police followed the suspect’s car to the border of Irvington Township where the driver slammed into a civilian vehicle at the intersection of Wolf Place and Naden Ave. shortly before 9:35 a.m.

The suspects drove a short distance down the 40’s block of Laventhal where he bailed from the car after crashing on a lawn of a house in the residential neighborhood.

Police say the suspect ran into the yards and was able to escape by hopping over several gates and remain at-large.

The driver of the civilian car was not hurt but his vehicle was totaled and he received a ticket for an expired registration according to police.