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Heavy Rain, Flooding Leaves Some Motorist Stranded in Newark's Ironbound Section


By: Richard L. Smith 

Newark Police and Emergency Services Unit responded to several weather-related incidents where drivers and occupants inside their vehicles were trapped on flooded streets. 

A weather system predicted by The National Weather System forecasters dumped several inches of rain over North Jersey, which caused immediate flash flooding in parts of Newark's East Ward. 

Heavy rainfall arrived at approximately 8 p.m., with rain and wind gusts of up to 33 mph, according to The National Weather Center. 

On early Friday morning, Newark Police officials urged commuters and residents that the following locations in the city should be avoided due to flooding conditions or the potential for flooding. 

These locations did receive some stranded drivers around the vicinity: Jabez, Backus, Wilson Avenue Manufacturers Place, Hyatt, Magazine Avenue L, Amsterdam and lower parts of Raymond Boulevard. 

Newark officials said The Department of Public Safety coordinated responses to burglar alarms, flooding conditions, and other weather-related incidents through the combined use of Police, Fire, and Office of Emergency Management Personnel. 

For the most part, drivers did adhere to the warnings and under a dozen calls for assistance were received, according to reports. 

There were no serious injuries reported in any of the rescues.