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HEATWAVE: High Temperatures Prompt Concerns as Newark, North Jersey Schools Grapple with Sweltering Buildings


By: Richard L. Smith 

As the heatwave continues to grip my family and friends in the Newark and the North Jersey region for a third consecutive day, schools in the area are facing a back-to-school meltdown.

Cold stone According to The National Weather Service, with temperatures soaring between 95 and 100 degrees, the community is concerned that students and staff will find themselves in stifling buildings that lack air conditioning.

NWS meteorologist said at around 4:30 a.m., Kearny and Harrison, NJ, had already recorded temperatures of 78 degrees, setting the stage for another scorching day.

The humidity levels, at a sweltering 79%, only add to the discomfort.

The Newark Teachers Union has raised concerns, urging Newark's Board of Education Superintendent Roger Leon to consider early school closures due to the rising temperatures within Newark's schools.

In response to the heat, several surrounding school districts, including Belleville, have already announced 1 p.m. dismissals.

Officials say the persistent high temperatures have made learning conditions challenging and raised concerns about the health and well-being of students and staff.

The late-summer heatwave is expected to last at least one more day before temperatures fall to about 87 degrees on Friday. But residents in the region will still struggle with the high humidity into the weekend

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