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Heated Argument Ends With Suspect Pulling Sawed-Off Shotgun on Man in Walgreens' Parking Lot in Newark

By rlsmetro on

Police in Newark are searching for a suspect accused of pulling a gun on a man during an argument in the parking lot of a business in the city's downtown. 

Witnesses and shoppers returning to their vehicles while shopping at Walgreens on South and Broad streets were stunned to observe a man pull out a gun during an argument Wednesday. 

The heated and aggressive "motorist vs. pedestrian" engagement happed around 3:20 p.m. 

According to witnesses, the driver narrowly struck the suspect with his vehicle, which could have been an accident inside the parking lot. 

Becoming aggressive in the incident, witnesses said the driver shouted profanities at the suspect and said, "Would you like to get ran the f*** over?"

Witnesses said the driver continued to curse and shout insults at the suspect before the assailant immediately silenced the driver when he pulled out -what appeared to be- a sawed-off shots gun from his coat and shouted, "Do you want to die today? I'll kill you right now."

According to witnesses, the initially aggressive driver did not respond to the armed suspect. Several shoppers and onlookers scrambled to their vehicles and ran from the scene after believing a shooting was going to occur. 

After the dangerous encounter, the suspect first entered a business in the 1100 block of Broad Street then fled the scene eastbound on Thomas Street from Broad. 

Police arrived at the scene and spoke with the driver, who was visually shaken but did not suffer physical injuries. 

The suspect remains at large.