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Health Alert Issued for Ice Cream Sold in Multiple States Including NJ

New Jersey

By: Richard L. Smith 

On Friday, officials at Weis Markets said they had issued a recall for 108 containers of Weis Quality Sea Salt Caramel Ripple Ice Cream (48oz) since the product may contain undeclared soy and coconut allergens.

According to NJ Health Department officials, individuals with an allergy or severe sensitivity to soy or coconut allergens risk serious or life-threatening allergic reactions if they consume these products.

Company officials believe the product may have been distributed in 197 Weis Markets' stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Delaware and West Virginia.

According to Weis Markets' officials, a subsequent investigation indicated that the problem was caused by a temporary breakdown in the company’s production and packaging process.

The container says Weis Quality Sea Salt Caramel Ripple Ice Cream and the lid says Weis Quality Caramel Caribou Ice Cream.

Officials say the ice cream is packaged in a round container with a UPC of 041497-01288 and with a sell-by date of 11/08/23. This was produced on 11/08/22.

The sell-by date can be located on the bottom of the container. An example of the container and lid has been included with this release.

NJ Health department officials confirmed that no illnesses had been reported to date.

The recall was initiated after it was discovered that a product containing soy and coconut was distributed in packaging that did not reveal the presence of soy and coconut.

Customers who have purchased this product may return it for a full refund.

Customers requiring additional information may contact Weis Customer Service at 1-866-999-9347Monday through Friday, 8 am-5 pm EST.