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Harrison Police Arrest Newark Man Attempting to Burglarize House

Harrison Town

Police in Hudson County took a man into custody and charged him with attempted burglary on Friday.

According to police, a resident in the 100 block of Bergen Street frantically called the Harrison Police department and told dispatch that someone was trying to enter his residence from the top floor window.

Officials say Harrison units responded and set up a perimeter as officers entered the residence to search the building.

According to authorities, officers observed evidence that the window was tampered with but found no one in the residence.

​​ Minutes after the responding officers left the scene, the victim called the police to report that he saw an individual laying on his roof.

Police say the suspect was described by the caller as wearing a red jacket, black ski mask, black pants and dirty black boots.

According to police the suspect fled the area as responding units arrived and was seen running through the backyards in the 100 block of Bergen Street.

Police say the suspect made his way towards the Harrison Riverwalk and eventually towards the Bridge St. Bridge where he was observed by P.O. Silva and P.O. Gonzalez.

Both officers exited their vehicle and chased the actor on foot where he was captured and then apprehended.

Police say Mr. Marcus Jones, 26, of Newark NJ was charged with 2nd-degree Burglary and resisting arrest.