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Harrison Police Alerts Residents to be Cautious of Package Thefts Around the Holidays

By Najmsalaam_16399 on
Harrison Town

The increase in package theft and loss has led to a cause for concern for online shoppers nationwide. Due to the frustrations and the hectic holiday season amongst us, The Harrison Police Department wants to alert residents to take some preventative measures to deter theft.

**Here are top 7 ways proven useful by homeowners to secure package delivery:`**

-Use smart package lockers or convenience stores

-Install security cameras to prevent package theft

-Have packages delivered to your workplace or office

-Require a signature on delivery to stop package theft

-Reroute or reschedule the delivery to prevent package theft

-Require vacation package hold to secure package delivery

It is never an inconvenience for the Harrison Police Department to take a report. Some companies require a police report before they will replace the stolen or lost item.

Additionally, it helps them track the locations where the thefts are occurring and enable them to focus our patrol efforts in those areas to deter theft and possibly arrest those responsible.

If you have a package stolen the first step is to report it to the Harrison Police at 973-484-4100