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Haledon Welcomes New Therapy K-9s to the Police Department


By: Richard L. Smith 

Haledon’s Mayor Michael Johnson, alongside the Haledon Municipal Council and Police Chief Angelo J. Daniele, introduced two new members to the police force: K-9 Nash and K-9 Murph.AdThese K-9 officers are set to play a crucial role in the community and police force as Therapy K-9s, under the supervision of Corporal April Latona and Detective/Lieutenant Timothy Lindberg, respectively.

K-9 Nash, having undergone extensive training at Cover K-9 Training in Cedar Grove, has been primed for his role under the guidance of seasoned law enforcement officer and facility owner Justin Nielsen.

Haledon Nash's training, which included basic obedience and Therapy Dog certification, was conducted by instructors Gideon and Tiago, the latter being a renowned American Kennel Association Evaluator.

Nash's remarkable skills have been acknowledged with multiple American Kennel Club certificates and awards.

The Haledon Police Department extends its gratitude to the team at Cover K-9 Training for their support in initiating the Therapy Dog Program.

Meanwhile, K-9 Murph is undergoing training to join Nash in providing invaluable services to the community.

Haledon The introduction of these K-9s is made possible by the generous contribution of their handlers, Detective Lieutenant Lindberg and Corporal Latona, who offered their family dogs for this noble cause.

The integration of Therapy K-9s into law enforcement is aimed at enhancing community relations, offering emotional support, and improving the overall well-being of individuals.

AdThese dogs are trained to provide comfort, stress relief, and companionship, facilitating positive interactions and promoting mental health awareness.

The Haledon community eagerly anticipates the positive outcomes that K-9 Nash and K-9 Murph will bring in their new roles, contributing to a stronger, more connected community.